Starting an Internet Home Business

An internet home business can take one of many forms. But the easiest one to set up is usually a website or a blog. For a very small start up cost, just about anyone can become an "infopreneur". What this means is creating a site around a topic that you already know about or enjoy finding out about.

The mistake that many people make when setting up their site is that they don't think it through. If your website is going to become your business - then you need to treat it like a business right from the beginning. Setting up a business plan is a first step that is often skipped. Without thorough planning, a lot of time, effort, energy and money can be wasted. Not only that, but disillusionment sets in and the venture is quickly abandoned.

But what should a business plan include? For starters - long term goals, short term goals, and the steps you plan to take to achieve them.

Long term goals are where you basically see your business 1 year or more down the road. How much revenue do you want to earn from your site (make sure it is achievable), how many visitors per month do you expect, what types of offline activities (like consulting, or speaking) do you want to blossom out of your site?

Short term goals are basically the same thing but over a shorter course of time - say 1 to 3 months. If your blog is new then you have zero visitors today. How much traffic do you think you can attract in 1 month? How fast will this number grow?

The steps to get there include your plan for marketing and monetizing. It is all about trial and error. But tracking your efforts and the results is important. This way you can determine what works and what doesn't.

When it comes to building a website - you may have the best intentions but without a technical background, the road can be rocky. There is a new site in town that focuses on how to create an internet business called Not only does this blog walk you through the ropes of setting blogging goals and choosing blog topics - but it also supports and features other sites out there that offer resources to help women bloggers. Definitely a must read!

What are your blogging goals and what steps have you taken to achieve them?